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Jamaica Diaspora USA Leadership Summit 2018




The three (3) US-base Jamaica Diaspora USA Advisory Board Members, with a core team of other Diaspora leaders, are moving to create a strategic plan for the Jamaica Diaspora USA. This is a first-time effort, called the Jamaica Diaspora USA Development Plan, that will commence with the Jamaica Diaspora US Leadership Summit, in partnership with The Jamaica National Group, at the Morrow Center in Atlanta, Georgia from November 16 – 18, 2018.

In creating a strategic plan, the aim is to have:
Shared vision and values as a US Jamaica Diaspora community.

Address foundational issues impacting the US Jamaica Diaspora to strengthen its capacity through strategic goals.

Through the vision, values and strategic goals, promote a unified, cohesive and viable Jamaica Diaspora US community.

As a leader in the Diaspora, this is why you should attend:
– Participate in reviewing the process and gain consensus around the process.

– Start the co-creation of a shared vision and values.

– Engage in a SWOT analysis session(s) to determine and understand the foundational issues impacting the Diaspora.

– Develop the institutional and operational framework needed to undertake the planning process, move it towards implementation and sustain the work of outlaid. This includes a review the current Diaspora leadership framework

1180 Southlake Cir # 100, Morrow, Georgia, , 30260