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Durham Caribbean Festival




On Saturday June 16th 2018 AJAX DOWNS,( 50 Alexander’s Crossing )located in the city of Ajax will be backdrop to Durham regions’ most exciting, fun-filled extravaganza. Street performers, entertainers, singers, dancers, cultural and heritage groups will come together in one place to celebrate the diversity and flavours of the Durham Caribbean Festival.

“The Caribbean Festival” will showcase the unique foods, music, traditions, and beliefs and interests of Durham’s fastest growing community – In the city of Ajax alone almost 40% of the population are from the Caribbean Islands.
For some participants, The Durham Caribbean Festival will awaken sweet and fond memories of their native lands; while for others it will be about “getting to know more about their neighbors, friends and co-workers “; and for all it will be about sharing in the ” Caribbean Vibe”.

50 alexander crossing, Ajax, Ontario, , Ont.