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Dorothy migrated from Jamaica to Canada shortly after giving birth to twins Percy and Prettynella (now 17). They were lovingly raised in Jamaica by their grandmother Mada May. Upon Dorothy’s arrival to Canada she met Fred and shortly after she got pregnant with twins Ajah and Tayshan (now 15). Dorothy felt embarrassed to let Fred know she had, and left 2 small children in Jamaica as she thought he would think less of her and would not be interested in continuing in a relationship with her however Fred was a honorable man; he eventually did right by her and they produced another child Tiffany. By that time however Dorothy’s secret was too deeply rooted so she remained silent until reality came about; Dorothy had to send for her children in Jamaica!!!!

Knowing the temperament of her mother (Mada May, a staunch “give-me-that-old-time-religion” Christian), Dorothy was hoping the children would travel to Canada on their own giving her time to smooth things over with Fred and the Canadian born children, however Mada May would not have it. She proclaimed vehemently that she will not allow Percy and Prettynella to travel alone in no “iron bird”. Upon their arrival, things in the house got chaotic, tense and unsettling. Mada May could not fathom how Dorothy allowed her foreign born children to speak to her as they feel. On top of that their blatant disdain and demeaning regard toward Percy and Prettynella did not sit well with her at all.

Unbeknown to Dorothy and Fred, Tayshan got himself in some trouble which Mada May found out about and was hoping to “remedy” in her own way and in her own time but things escalated quickly and got quite complicated with lies, deception and accusations putting Percy and Prettynella in a precarious position. No one messes with Mada May’s 2 grand-children (Percy and Prettynella)…as the story unfolds we see that when push comes to shove, families should forget their differences and stick together because “Blood Ticka Dan Watah”

995 Arrow Road, Toronto, Ontario, , M9M 2Z5