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Betting For Life What A Professional Knows


LOCATION: Clarendon,


When considering betting for a living, the similarities between operating a successful betting portfolio and a financial investment portfolio are striking. Unsurprisingly, Betfair co-founders Andrew Black and Edward Wray are former town traders. I firmly believe that the free market will always reflect perceived value, or the chances of an event occurring this is where the professional intervenes when the perceived value does not equal true value. All of the most successful professional players in the world I know personally base a large part of their reasoning on this difference through pure skill and hard work! However, it is very important to understand the long and short term fluctuations in the market and therefore it is important to consider the following when creating your portfolio:

1. Diversification

Just like financial portfolios that usually balance the economy by playing at you will find some luck and risk in various market sectors, your betting portfolio must always be balanced. For example, if the different methods all center on the performance of your favorite horse race, you are exposing yourself to potential losses on a day when the favorite is just having a bad day. To balance this, my personal portfolio contains proven and profitable systems, but each one analyzes different types of races and stakes.

2. As a guide, in horse racing, I look at a proven system based on:

Win Favorites
Horse placement
Outsider placement
Every way of stealing
Lost Horse (Lying)
In addition, while Horse Racing is almost certainly in a professional portfolio, it is good to diversify the sport. Although I personally specialize in tennis, I am also looking for opportunities in football, darts, billiards, golf, etc.

If possible, try to choose a method that fits your lifestyle and the time you have available You will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to follow a system which is based on placing consecutive bets throughout the day, depending on the previous results. If this problem can be solved by using a specially designed bot, then it will not be a problem. But when starting out, try to use achievable methods in your daily routine.

3. Balance Risk

Apart from balancing risk through the diversification noted above, you should also consider the weights applied to each method used. I mean balancing the risk / reward ratio with the likelihood of winning and the potential duration of stretch marks lost.

For example, while all the systems I use in my portfolio show long-term returns, horse-based systems will generate more (less likely) wins than systems targeting external winners, so if on the site the rules of play are neutral and real without bot interference. As a general rule, I try to make sure that the totals on all systems on a daily basis never go up more than 10% of my bank. This can be divided by 1% risk in one system, 2% risk in another, 3% risk in another, etc. The risk varies according to the expected percentage of the winning bet.

4. Slowly and Firmly

Make no mistake, we are in this business with long term profitability; So when starting out, try not to get too ambitious with your bets. There will be a balance of winning and losing streaks regardless of the method used, which is an unavoidable statistical trait. If you get too aggressive with your bets you are in serious danger of causing huge losses, which will not only take longer to recover, but will create unnecessary stress. But if you want to try to play safely and comfortably, we provide the site which is trusted and played by many bettors in all circles.

Bet is boring! If your pulse starts to accelerate, you are either moving out of your comfort zone or using a system you don’t trust. You shouldn’t be doing these things !!